About Teeza!

Hello! My name is Maritza and I am a recent graduate from the George Washington University.  “Teeza Knows Best” really is one of those brilliant ideas that I came up with while sitting at work thinking about all things unrelated to work, such as life, food and happiness. Reminiscing about the good times I had in college, I can’t help but remember the all those hours of girl talk I had with my roommates, visitors and innocent bystanders that ended up partaking in our infamous “round table” discussions.  What did we talk about? Sex, relationships, school, dreams, hair, weight, health, politics… you know the typical girl stuff! But what I realized is that girl talk- this constant open and uncensored discussion- impacted me and my friends in such a positive way.

“Teeza Knows Best” is my online round table discussion.  I, Teeza, will keep you up to date on hot topics, events and opportunities related to woman’s health and professional development.

Don’t forget, I am just as interested in hearing from you! So feel free to ask me questions, suggest topics for discussion, share your opinion and relevant opportunities.