PostSecret Fun!

I was looking at PostSecret today and came across this post.  I wonder how many girls  relate and would admit to this…this makes me chuckle.  For those that know me, I hate shaving its such a burden but I guess it must be done.   If I was a man I’d definitely look like Tarzan.  My love/ hate attitude towards shaving is similar to my attitude towards wearing high heels- it’s annoying,  unnecessary and I envy men for not having to do it. When I’m feeling like I want to “stick it to the man” I boycott! YES boycott!  You could imagine that boycotting is harder to do in the summer… and this is why I love the winter!

This actually made me laugh out loud.  It’s a running joke that 99.9% of lesbians look like Justin Bieber.   I’d say I’m not the type to generalize…but after going to a few lesbian bars I must say this is generally true! I guess for Lesbians the Bieber-do is the equivalent of an 18 inch Remy for Black girls…

I’m done.