Guilty Pleasures *Thanksgiving Edition*

I been surfing the internet looking for yummy treats that I’d like to make for Thanksgiving.  I know how it goes down on Thanksgiving so main dishes are out of the question for a small fish like me.  I’m sort of strapped for time and aware that my family is suspicious of my cooking so I am looking for  a quick, tasty fool-proof recipe!

Taking all of my guilty pleasures into consideration I found recipes that tend to all of my vices!

Chocolate and Peanut Better in one- need I say more.  I found this on Being Allison and having made real truffles before, it is nice to find a quick alternative.  I am not too sure about the jelly filling but this will definitely be a go to recipe whenever I get a Reese’s cravings.  For sure this one is in the running for my Thanksgiving contribution since I already have the ingredients and I think I’d look really cool bringing these bite size treats to the table to pre-game for the meal!

The picture alone is orgasmic!  Zesty Cook I bow down to you. Honestly, I need everyone to click on the link to see how they made this so you can get the tingly feeling I’m getting when I think about this.  This is pretty much a brownie saturated in caramel- I am not sure how goodness like this is created but somehow it happened!  Carmel+ brownie+Chocolate= Perfection.  I don’t think I want to even put this in the running because I actually just want to make a batch for myself.  Sorry! My inner fatty has eliminated this recipe from the Thanksgiving line up.

This next one is compliments of Our Best Bites.  A few months ago a coworker brought Braizilan Cheese Rolls from a local bakery to our potluck and ohhhhh it was deelish! This recipe brought back memories of cheesy goodness and I am sure it would impress the family!  Only thing is I don’t have tapioca flour- since this one requires a trip to the store it is second runner up for my Turkey Day treat.

I am obviously not the most festive when it comes to these recipes, simply because I want to eat what I like to eat.  However, this seasonal side dish is great and I got it off of All Recipes.  I’ve actually made this before so I can definitely say that is is one of my favorite Thanksgiving sides.  Since I’ve had this several times this recipe is  looking like a last option- I believe in switching it up.

I love Martha Stewart’s food and thuggish tendencies.  If laziness takes over I think this is a festive recipe everyone can agree with… Apple Cider Rum Punch  🙂 YUM

*Disclaimer* I did not make these treats click on the links to get the recipes or check out the awesome sites I found them on  🙂