Cuban Pot Roast

Once again, I have been going Pinterest crazy.  So since I brought meat back into my diet I wanted to try my had at this chuck pot roast.  It was really east to… Continue reading

Brunch time: Zucchini Fritters

Hey all! I’ve been playing with Pinterest this week and decided to try some recipes will I am on my winter break. This is a great Sunday brunch recipe that won’t set you… Continue reading

“5 minute recipes” Miso Cilantro-Ginger Marinade + Bonus

Try this easy “semi-homemade” marinade on your favorite seafood or meat!  I had a lot of cilantro on my hands so I wanted to put it to use before it wilted. This literally… Continue reading

Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

One week away from Thanksgiving I’m craving holiday goodies! It’s fall so I tend to make a lot of soup. I thought this spicy Thanksgiving inspired soup would make a great post. If… Continue reading

Zucchini Corn Muffins

I wanted to try my hand at making a healthier corn recipe.  So I thought it’d be interesting to do a zucchini variation since squash is something mild in flavor.  In case you… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chia pudding! This is my first time experimenting with chia seeds and I must say I’m very happy with the final product and how easy it is to make! I plan on making… Continue reading

A Healthy Pasta Substitute: How to cook to Spaghetti Squash

Have you seen spaghetti squash at your local grocery store? If you haven’t tried it yet hopefully this will encourage you to pick one up and give it a try. It’s so simple… Continue reading

DIY Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I really like Flipz pretzels and a classmate told me to make them at home to save some cash. Follow these simple instructions and you can make these at home too (using your… Continue reading

Almond Milk Pancakes

YES, I  have not posted in a LONG time.  I was thinking about the blog and how I can actually keep up with it while finishing up my MPH.  So I thought…one thing… Continue reading

16 Bean Soup

I have a new obsession! First of all shame on me for never cooking beans outside of a can until a few weeks ago.  I associate the hard beans in a bag with… Continue reading