Healthy Snacks for the Average Couch Potato

It’s hard to resist the urge to snack when you are watching a movie, sporting event, TV show or anything else that involves sitting on a comfy couch.  These are some of my… Continue reading

Mushroom Kale Rice Bowl

This recipe is amazing…I repeat AMAZING!  I took a break from soups last week and made myself this really yummy rice dish instead.  I got the recipe from this website Babble  If I… Continue reading

Teeza’s Tomato Bean Soup

I will start by saying that this Friday Soup was a pleasant surprise.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I did my taste test just because making it was total chaos…but… Continue reading

Teeza’s Spiced Butternut & Sweet Potato Soup

Every week I make a big batch of soup that I eat for lunch during the week.  I must say I think my soups are the bomb.  More importantly though they are easy,… Continue reading

A Healthy Alternative

French fries are one of those guilty pleasures that are hard to replace.  How can it get any better than a fried and heavily salted potato? Since many of us are ready to… Continue reading

Three Bean-Sweet Potato Soup

As I mentioned in my recent post “The B-Word” one of my favorite ways to eat beans is in soup.  Since I promised that I’d share a picture of my soup for this… Continue reading

The B-Word

  BEANS!!!   I love beans! Thankfully, beans are one of the few foods that actually love me back.  Beans, also known as legumes, are a great cost friendly and healthy food that… Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures *Thanksgiving Edition*

I been surfing the internet looking for yummy treats that I’d like to make for Thanksgiving.  I know how it goes down on Thanksgiving so main dishes are out of the question for… Continue reading

Keep the Happy Hour & Ditch the Calories

The weekend is here and after a long week many of us just want to let loose for a night.  It really bothers me when I eat well and exercise all week but… Continue reading

PostSecret Fun!

I was looking at PostSecret today and came across this post.  I wonder how many girls  relate and would admit to this…this makes me chuckle.  For those that know me, I hate shaving… Continue reading